The Visiting Book contains 65 places to visit in Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire, these places are all suggestions made by my lovely followers on facebook and instagram.

The idea came about after I realised how much I struggled to think of a nice day out when those precious days arrived. Although I had seen lots of day out posts I could never remember any of the places people had posted about - so I started to make an illustrated list!

I had more sleep when I had a newborn 😂
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Making the Visiting Book Yours

The left hand side of the book is for you to record your thoughts on the location or memories of the day, with a space to write the distances from your house by car or foot.
Why not take photos or keep items of interest such as tickets or stickers to add to the memories of the day.


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The publishing of The Visiting Book was funded by a Kickstarter Campaign in July 2019 supported by over 100 amazing people. 

Why Kickstarter? 

The book is a mixture of locations some of which are businesses some not. The integrity of the book is due to the fact that the entries are decided by real people, and not the business that paid the most. I wanted only to be influenced by genuine suggestions and not money, to achieve this I decided to self publish with Daisa&Co 

Kickstarter Backers - Fulfillment Surveys went out on 10/11/2019 to all backers. Please check your email.